Bierfust opduiken

Vandaag om 14.00 uur lag ik in de Oudezijds Voorburgwal om een bierfust van Brouwerij De Prael op te duiken, deze was 2 weken geleden letterlijk tussen wal en schip gevallen. Ik kan je vertellen, 30 cm onderwater zie je echt niets meer, zo donker was het. Dus zoek en berg ging niet op zicht maar […]

Divesite Marsa Egla – Egypt

  A lot of fish like: Murene, Lionfish, Blue Spotted Stingray, Octopus, Clownfish (nemo), Balloon fish and the best for last one big Turtle!

Scuba tanks are a part of your every dive, but how much do you know about them?

 Scuba Tanks High-pressure cylinders are relatively small, yet very strong containers that hold large volumes of compressed gas. Being able to carry your gas supply with you is what defines SCUBA (self contained underwater breathing apparatus). Whether it’s filled with regular filtered air or enriched air nitrox (higher oxygen and lower nitrogen content) or trimix (three-gas combination) for […]